The Chronicle covers Election 2008

A blog for The Chronicle to cover the 2008 presidential election, of which Hofstra University plays a unique part as host of one of the presidential debates. Students will cover the election in real time.

October 15, 2008

Chronicle Live-Twitters the last presidential debate

Follow The Chronicle's live Twitterfeed from inside the media filing center of the University's Physical Fitness Center during the last presidential debate, held in the David S. Mack Sports and Exhibition Complex.

--Samuel Rubenfeld

The Chronicle and NassauNews liveblog and streamcast Debate '08

The University hosts the final presidential debate of the 2008 election cycle. Below are both the live-blog and the streamcast for tonight's debate:

The live-blog:

The streamcast:

New group tells students to 'vote for nobody'

Amid the shouts and cheers from supporters of both Barack Obama and John McCain, one group decided to take a different approach to voicing their opinions.

Vote for Nobody is a satirical, counter-activism group founded by sophomores Evan Harrison and Matthew Adams that strives to get people to stop shouting at one another, and start discussing using rational thoughts and ideas.

“The louder you shout, the more I think you’re an idiot. Shouting your candidates name out loud won’t change my mind as to who I am voting for,” Harrison said.

Adams added that they want people to break out of their “mob mentality” and have them converse with one another to form educated statements. “The whole process is becoming a spectacle and I don’t feel as though I am presented with enough information to make a decision,” he said.

Both Harrison and Adams held up hand made signs that voiced statements such as, “Vote for Nobody,” “Nobody will keep election promises,” “Nobody cares,” and “Nobody tells the truth.”

When asked about the meaning behind the signs, Harrison said the signs were saying that both candidates won't live up to their hype and they wont really accomplish anything. Adams added that the signs were supposed to act as a catalyst to get people to voice their own activism through intelligent thoughts and discussions with people of opposing parties.

--Taylor Paraboschi

Kenny Mayne requests song for 'Mayne Event'

ESPN anchor Kenny Mayne requested a group of acoustic musicians play a song about football players losing their helmets for a segment called the "Mayne event."

The segment, which is a fake news item attempting to raise awareness about football helmet safety, will air Sunday at 12:30 p.m., and the song will be in the segment, Mayne said.

Chronicle photographer published in Washington Post, again

Chronicle Senior Photo Editor Jacqueline Hlavenka was published on the Washington Post's Youth Vote blog for the second time this week.

--Samuel Rubenfeld

VIDEO: PSU pushes for alternative energy sources

The Progressive Students Union held a demonstration outside the Student Center Wednesday afternoon that emphasized the problems associated with expanded oil drilling, use of nuclear power and clean coal.



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